The professional stuff:

Tracie Vaughn Zimmer is an award-winning children’s author who graduated from The Ohio State University and attained her master’s degree at Miami. Currently, she teaches at her alma mater in the Lakota Local School District near Cincinnati, Ohio. Writing in a variety of genres from historical fiction and poetry to novels-in-verse, Tracie’s six books have received critical acclaim including starred reviews as well as the Schneider Family Book Award. In addition, Tracie has created hundreds of guides for children’s and young adult literature that are available for free on her blog. She has presented at NCTE, IRA and ALA as well as schools and conferences across the country inspiring teachers, librarians and students with her infectious passion for literacy.

By 9:00 am I will have already taught two English classes and you’ll find me hunched over my desk during my plan bell sipping a chai tea (Oregon vanilla variety) feverishly scanning emails, grading papers, or sketching lessons (refusing the siren’s call of the YA novel in bowels of my backpack). After school, the paperwork hurricane continues followed by scrabbling together a kid-friendly dinner, self-propagating laundry, and other riveting errands and chores. At 8:00 in the evening I scurry to my desk and try to sketch words to match the images that have swirled past me. Then, I read until my eyes cross.

I am lucky enough to live with two great kids, Abbie and Cole, who shape my view of the world. After living in Virginia and North Carolina (where I discovered many friends and addictive properties of sweet tea) I moved home to my beloved Ohio, around the corner from my twin sister, Trish, whose children are like my own. My devoted parents, my doting big brother, and my whole extended family live nearby and we spend holidays (and delicious ordinary hours) in their wide embrace. I am so honored that I get to create books for children when I have, and still do, take refuge inside their worlds.

Oddball facts/favorite things:

  1. BulletSomeday I’ll move to Brooklyn, NY or a remote Caribbean island.

  2. BulletIndividually wrapped Ghiradelli milk chocolate caramels.

  3. BulletRevision over the blank page.

  4. BulletMy first journal entry: December 24, 1978.

  5. BulletBuckeye football Saturdays

  6. BulletMovies with puffy dresses and men on moors

  7. BulletLouie, the world’s largest collie and Mickey, the six-fingered cat

  8. BulletPoet: Mary Oliver

  9. BulletI wish I could sing, draw, or play the cello

  10. BulletSnow days

Over a cup of Chai~

Trish and Tracie

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