I write more than books...
Why get a guide?
It's the best chance to get your book used in classrooms (traditional and otherwise)
Increased sales
Fantastic website content
Great for school visits
Helps your book stand apart

My Credentials:
I've created over 300 guides from wordless picture books to edgy-crossover YA novels

Recent Clients:
Random House
Little Brown
Author Clients:
Barbara O'Connor
Libba Bray
Shana Corey
Lauren Stringer

* I still teach (so I know how to make a book relevant)
* I'm well-trained in the Common Core Curriculum
* My master's degree is in literacy from Miami University of Ohio
* I've taught pre-school through college
*I’ve written guides for more than a dozen years! 
(Did I mention that I've never, ever missed a deadline?)
* I have six of my own children's books

I teach full-time
I'm a mom of two fantastic teens
I'm writing a fantasy series for Disney Hyperion titled THE SECOND GUARD (Out in Summer of 2014: Crazy dream-come-true life, I know!)

I create less guides than I once did
My fees are more commensurate with my experience (but still reasonable)
I do not have time to upload them to this blog once they're completed (sorry) but you can add it to your website, the publisher's site, and make gobs of copies all you like
Click HERE to see a sample.

All that sounds good to you email me at thatguidegirl@gmail.com and we can talk shop.
I'd be honored to help get your book in the hands of teachers and readers!

Author & Teacher
Tracie Vaughn

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Some even call me “THAT GUIDE GIRL!”

If you came here looking for information about whether or not I still write book club guides, teacher guides, discussion guides, or  guides aligned to the Common Core Curriculum.

Yes, actually, I do!