The professional biography:
Tracie Vaughn is an award-winning author and teacher who graduated from Ohio State University and received her Master’s from Miami. Besides teaching English at Lakota West near Cincinnati, she’s also written hundreds of book club guides and discussion guides for dozens of publishers and authors. She’s authored books ranging from poetry for the young to mid-grade fantasy, including Disney’s Second Guard. She is the recipient of the Schneider Family Book Award for her novel in verse, Reaching for Sun.

Tracie teaches English to the most talented and hilarious students at Lakota West Freshman, the school where she once graduated. Besides teaching, she is the mom to two teens (Cole & Abbie) and two more on loan (Gryphon & Teagan). People still get her mixed up with her identical twin sister at Target at least once a week. No, your paper is not yet graded. Yes, she’d be happy to take that all-expense Caribbean  cottage off your hands at any time. Absolutely she will accept YA books for her classroom library. Recently, when the man most like Atticus Finch (her long-standing literary crush) asked her to marry him, she did. When she’s not writing about herself in the third person to flesh out her website, she’s probably reading something instead of tackling the laundry.

Oddball facts/favorite things:

Someday I’ll move to Brooklyn, NY or a remote Caribbean island.
Individually wrapped Ghiradelli milk chocolate caramels.
Revision over the blank page.
My first journal entry: December 24, 1978.
Buckeye football Saturdays
Movies with puffy dresses and men on moors
Louie, the world’s largest collie and Mickey, the six-fingered cat
Poet: Mary Oliver
I wish I could sing, draw, or play the cello
Snow days
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Over a cup of Chai~

Trish and Tracie

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